BIG ideas for small spaces

10 October 2018

Design for smaller spaces should make the most of what you do have, rather than emphasising what you don’t. Providing an environment that is both practical and comfortable in a small space is always achievable if you know what you’re doing.

Below we’ve listed five easy ways to make the most of your office space:

  1. Smarter storage

In a smaller space, it’s more important than ever to have smart storage solutions which keep the area tidy and don’t take up too much space. Dual purpose storage can be extremely helpful in reducing the amount of furniture in the area. A good example of this would be using a partitioned wall as storage by installing shelving.


  1. Keep it minimal

In smaller spaces, a minimal approach is beneficial to stop the area feeling cramped and cluttered. A monochrome colour scheme can work wonders in creating a spacious feeling. Use matching items of furniture to keep the area looking clean and organised.


  1. Choose a few key pieces

Choosing a few key pieces of colour or texture creates a bold statement within the office space. Adding one key piece does much more visually than lots of little pieces of décor. Artwork can also enhance a small space – as long as it is minimal and not too distracting.


  1. Tone down the colour

Too many bold colours in a small area can be overwhelming. Neutral, lighter shades allow light to be reflected easily around the room which can create the illusion of a bigger space. Small hints of brighter colours help to add depth and ensure that the area isn’t too ‘clinical’ looking.


  1. Open up the space

Avoid dividing areas in the office with walls; instead, keep one open space. If you must divide the room (for different departments, for example) use glass partitions. Glass will allow the space to be broken without sacrificing the flow of natural light, and without taking up too much space.


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