Office Design

The interior design of your office or commercial space says a lot about your business and first impressions are lasting.

Working in Newbury, Berkshire and throughout the Thames Valley, Newbury Commercial Services can aid in planning and designing your office design and interior to make it functional yet fashionable.

Create the right atmosphere and you will be providing not only a fantastic environment for your colleagues, but also a reflection of your company and your brand. A review of your office interior design will not only help to re-invigorate staff by providing a fresh approach and an inspiring atmosphere, it will also aid in the day to day operations of your business by improving on existing processes or solutions.

One of the most common issues with an open plan office or an empty new building is deciding and visualising the most effective way to utilise the space. NCS provide a comprehensive service from office design and complete project management including 2D and 3D office plans which will help you in visualising that end result.

The flexible nature of bespoke design solutions allows us to create a workspace within an office of any dimensions; every inch of space can be put to good use as our innovative solutions enable us to cater for even the most unique environments.

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