Office Storage

The correct office storage solution or office cupboards for your workspace will aid the day to day operations of your business by improving your existing office layouts to ensure maximum efficiency.

Newbury Commercial Services understand that office storage space varies from a few centimetres to several metres per employee; we know that a tidy office looks great and provides a calming and therefore more productive work environment. With storage needs in the workplace having changed greatly in the past 20 years, we have the experience and expertise to help you organise your space more effectively.

Whilst we are still a long way from the paperless office, an increase in digitalisation does mean that the need for more traditional filing systems in our offices is decreasing. Hand in hand with this is our working patterns and behaviours are also changing, meaning that our storage needs are evolving. At department level, manuals, books and shared files mean that we still require central locations for storage, but the personal items your employees are now bringing to work, such as coats, laptops, bike helmets and gym kits mean that a more flexible approach with custom made units with lockers, hanging rails for clothing and valuables are an essential part of your design.

Newbury Commercial Services can offer a range of both off the shelf products and individual bespoke designs for all your office storage requirements, from design to delivery, build and installation we offer the complete end to end solution.

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